Bio Flame Fireplaces – A Great Option for Your Basement Development

Adding a fireplace in a basement is something most homeowners have on their wish list when planning their renovation. However, gas fireplaces can be prohibitively expensive and often get cut out of the final plan.

Electric fireplaces are a cost-effective option, but many people don’t like the look and want a true flame.

Bio Flame fireplaces provide an excellent balance between these two options and is a product line that I really believe in.

Bio Flame is a brand of fireplaces that use an ethanol based fuel to run the flame. Essentially you pour the fuel into the unit and then light it with a traditional lighter. Then when you are done you extinguish the flame until you are ready to use it again.

They have a wide range of different styles and designs that are truly beautiful.

The big advantage of this style of fireplace is that they don’t require any venting or gas lines making them much more affordable than gas fireplaces.

Also, they are very easy to install and you won’t have to spend money finishing around them building mantles and hearths. Some are wall mounted while others are floor standing.

They don’t give off quite the heat that a gas fireplace does, but are superior to most electric models and are more than you need to keep an average basement feeling cozy.

Their website is Their products start at around $1000 for a wall mounted unit.

The Bio Flame products can add a touch of class and comfort to any basement renovation and we would highly encourage you to check them out for your basement development project.