Calgary Basement Development Permit Process

When completing a standard basement development project in Calgary, there are three main permits you will require on most projects:

  1. Basement Framing (your building permit or BP)
  2. Basement Electrical
  3. Basement Plumbing

For each permit, there is an option for homeowners to pull the permits if they are doing the work themselves via a homeowners permit.

If not, the general contractor will typically pull the building permit, while the plumber and electrician will pull their respective permits.

The building permit usually costs between $250-450 depending on the size of the project while the plumbing and electrical permits cost between $125-$200 each.

When applying for the permits, you will generally have to visit the municipality office with a site plan. This plan will include the following:

  • General layout and square footage
  • Room designations
  • Window sizes
  • Smoke/Co2 detectors proposed
  • Minimum sizes for some doors (i.e. mechanical room)

Some municipalities will require a site plan of the property lot, particularly when adding windows or adjusting window wells.

Also, some municipalities will require a drawing of all proposed electrical locations such as the receptacles and lighting.

Once you have obtained the permits, the municipality will generally conduct an inspection for each permit prior to drywall going up, and may request a final inspection at the end of the project.

During these inspections they will lay out any deficiencies they require you to correct or will deem the work acceptable and allow you to continue.

Upon completion of the project it is important that you as a homeowner check with the municipality to make sure that all permits on your basement development have been closed, as they will not always leave stickers or certificates.

The important thing is that these permits are registered and closed with the municipality.